Bergamot Tobacco Soy Candle

A sultry blend of Italian Bergamot, Earthy Patchouli, and Tobacco Flower, our hand-poured Bergamot Tobacco soy candle features our decorative “signature” coin and contains more than 70% natural soy wax, which burns longer and cleaner than regular candles - approximately 50 hours.

5.25 oz./165g

4” Tall / 2 ¾” Diameter

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Bergamot Tobacco is beyond amazing!! I discovered it about 6 months ago and have the candles all over the house & they burn forever, all the way down & evenly ~~the best hands down! I'm burning two as I type this. Everyone comments on how fab it smells and I have shared it as gifts. I have not yet tried the same scent in the diffuser, don't want to be dissapointed that it won't be as intense or last as long.
-Mary M.

Truly, there is not a fragrance that has ever been put in the form of a candle that can even come close to that of your Signature Bergamot Tobacco Candle. I have been receiving compliments for so many years, and these are compliments by both female and male. I realize that there are some that do not like fragrances; however, there has never been anything from this particular fragrance, except to just rave and also comment each and every, single time they come to my home. Thank you for the product and service that makes you the finest producer of fragrances, even though I am very, very partial to Bergamot Tobacco candles.
-Patiricia C.

I have been an avid fan of Yankee Candles for about 25 years. This season I walked into a store and fell in love with the Archipelago soy candle, Bergamot Tobacco. The store owner in Charleston, South Carolina said it was her BEST selling candle for males and females. I purchased all she had. I'm anxious to find a store in Columbia that also sells the Bergamot Tobacco soy candle. It's's addictive just like chocolate or Lay's potato Thank you for making it! I am no longer a lover of Yankee Candle as yawl surpassed them hands down!!!

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